So I have to apply to Grad school in the coming months and I’m considering applying for a combined MA/MLIS, which would mean I would have more degrees than my brother (take THAT asshole) but also is that a good enough reason???



Welcome to Bookstravaganza 2012!

I’m so great at this “quitting Tumblr” thing, aren’t I?

Here’s another blog for you to check out. It should be rad. Follow the Bookstravaganza adventure!


Once again, I am joining my beloved friends Dorothy and Matthew in the grand challenge that is Bookstravaganza. Bookstravaganza 2011 was a whirlwind competition to see which of the three of us could read the most books over the Christmas break. Dorothy won. Bookstravaganza 2012 is fourteen crazed bibliophiles trying to outread each other for the entire month of December.

I believe very much in the importance of reading. It is one of the greates, easiest ways to expand your mind; it stretches your imagination, your scope of the world, and your understanding of people. For myself as a writer it is a doubly important exercise.

Sadly, for many of us readers it is a hobby that all too often falls to the wayside. But reading should be more than a hobby; it should be a way of life. And so we have Bookstravaganza, one frenzied month to remind us of the magic of reading (specifically reading really, really fast).

If you’re interested in following along the madness, there are a few ways…

Some of us are blogging about the competition at

There’s also, of course, this blog! Here you will find my own Bookstravaganza 2012 adventure as cross-posted with our official, all-encompasing blog, in case you only care about my readings and musings (I don’t blame you). I’ll probably be posting some extra material here as well, so stay tuned.

Bookstravaganza is also on Twitter: @Bookstravaganza and @Bookstravaganza2012

Happy reading!


Bookstravaganza 2012

I know I said I was quitting Tumblr, and I really am, I mean I really have been, but…

I’m leaving this weekend to do a semester in Italy (eeeek!) and I’m going to be blogging about it as a way of keeping in contact with back home.

So if you’re so inclined, follow my sort-of-travel, sort-of-school blog.


Buon giorno!

My name is Marina. I’m in my final semester of a Bachelor of Arts (English major, Creative Writing minor) at the University of Alberta. Lucky for me, the fates have aligned and I get to spend that final semester at the UofA’s satellite campus in Cortona, Italy.

And so, to ease communication with back home, I have set up this blog in which to make record of my travels. Should you be so inclined, you too can follow my (mis)adventures abroad.

See you in Italy!


Guys, I think I need to quit Tumblr.


I love you all so much, but you are such a huge time suck. I spend WAY too much time on Tumblr. And it is totally unproductive time. When I first joined Tumblr, I tried to use it as a way to build up a daily writing habit, but now I just reblog everyone else’s awesomeness.

Anyways, it boils down to this: I’ve started a business that, if done right, is going to retire me in the next two years. But it has to be done right, and that means total commitment. And it’s become very clear to me that I can’t properly commit my time when I have the option of coming home and being on Tumblr for three hours.

So, I’m done. Sorry.

There are some of you that I’d love to keep in contact with, if you still want to keep in contact with me. Send me a message. I’ll check my askbox a few times before I do anything else. I’m not going to delete my blog, because I still like it, but I am going to get someone to change the password without telling me, or just unfollow everyone so I have an empty dash.

Anyways… see you guys in a few years when I don’t have to work.

(Also there might be some posts left in my queue. So yeah, that will happen.)

Just reblogging in case some of you missed this. I’ve unfollowed everyone so that whenever I try to check Tumblr, there’s nothing on my dash. I’ve been creeping a few people’s blogs because I have no self-control, but I will stop doing that soon!

Anyways, I’m changing my password to something I will hopefully forget now. Love you all.

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Open question to the Internet: Why is it apparently mysogynistic of men to get excited about the Olympics women’s beach volleyball because there’s pretty ladies jumping about in tight sport bikinis, when half of the female Tumblr population has done little else this week but perve over the Olympic male swimmers in their tiny swimming trunks? 

Because female athletes aren’t considered to be serious competitors. Because the women’s football tickets are being given away, and the men’s football tickets cost thousands upon thousands of pounds. Because female athletes struggle for sponsorship unless they’re stereotypically aesthetically attractive enough to get modelling deals whereas Wayne Rooney’s neanderthal face gets paid millions. Because male athletes are valued because of their prowess, their skill, their charm, and female athletes are valued for their bodies. Because Michael Phelps breaks records and is a national hero, and Ye Shiwen breaks records and is accused of doping. Because the male gaze is a product of hundreds of years of oppression, of complex gender dynamics, of sexualisation and sexual exploitation, and there’s no female equivalent. Because the female exposure of the body is a sign of vulnerability, of sex, of reproduction, of physical use and nothing more, whereas male exposure is a sign of confidence, of power, of physical strength. Because women are naked on the covers of magazines to pleasure men and men are naked on the cover of magazines to inspire other men. In other words, the world is backwards, and twisted, and complicated, and your observation is perversely oversimplified.



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you’re welcome, bbc





I really want your opinion on my looks, weight, career, religion, sexuality, political decisions. Basically I am dying to hear your opinion on what I should do with my life.
— No woman to a man, ever.  (via iamhazleweatherfield)

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People & People:

dis bitch

can we talk about all her awkward appropriation and her use of Japanese women as her ‘slave dolls’ who weren’t allowed to speak at all as part of their contract?

this bitch is like the queen of cultural appropriation

and this shit has always creeped me out, but i had no idea that she didnt let them speak…what the actual fuck?

peep the lyrics to “rich girl”:

I’d get me four Harajuku girls to
Inspire me and they’d come to my rescue
I’d dress them wicked, I’d give them names
Love, Angel, Music, Baby
Hurry up and come and save me

so shes into having pet asian women to name and dress up? if that isnt some dehumanizing psycho shit then im a fucking unicorn frog

tbh i hope her and dita von teese fall of a cliff


I think it says a hell of a lot that I’ve never once seen these women’s real names and I have never seen an interview or even so much as a soundbite from them. All I know of them is those little doll perfumes and Stefani’s creepy ass music.

Gwen Stefani has made an entire career out of fetishizing and appropriating the cutlure of women of color, which she gets credit for only because she is white. Bindis on brown girls?!? That’s really not that creative or cool. A bindi on a skinny blond white lady??? Someone throw some money at her. And notice how the women are made up in the above photo - it’s not just japanese women that she is appropriating and fetishizing, it’s black and latina women too.

once upon a time i was silly enough to buy a pair of wedges by her brand, and there was a little brown girl character on the insole. so you can literally step on woc as you walk. 

it wasn’t the only reason i returned the shoes but just lol wow

self-absorbed fuckin creep

this is so messed up

Don’t forget how she ‘loves dressing like a chola’.  I bet there isn’t one brown group that she hasn’t tried to appropriate.

Years ago before I was aware of cultural appropriation, I used to make fun of Gwen Stefani for being the most famous weeaboo. Now I realize just how unfunny and harmful her appropriation is. =/

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